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You start with your ACTION DESK, for it is through this link that you will submit your Strategic Goals Statement (and, later, your press releases, weekly reports, and action forms).

Your Strategic Goals Statement is the product of the work of each country team, and your team should simply choose one member who'll actually submit the statement on behalf of the entire team. We ask that you not proceed to private conversations (available through COMMUNICATIONS) or the issuing of press releases until your NSA has approved your strategic goals statement.

The way that your NSA will communicate with you about the Strategic Goals Statement (and vice versa) is through comments, which are "appended" to the Strategic Goals Statement in the speech bubbles next to each item in the Statement, and in the concluding PRIVATE FEEDBACK section. When you go online at the start of the simulation and view your action desk, you'll only see the links to start different kind of postings. Once you submit your strategic goals statement and get it back from you NSA, you'll see a link to the returned Statement in your NOTIFICATIONS as you sign on, or on your country page. Your NSA uses these comments to respond to specific parts of the Strategic Goals Statement, and to give you feedback on your work. Your NSA will also indicate whether the goals are approved, or if they are asking for additional work/revision. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the statement in your action desk, and if they're asked for revision please click on the BEGIN NEW REVISION tab to revise and resubmit your Strategic Goals Statement (doing this will create a document that has the text from the previous version, making it easy to edit your statement) or ask the NSA for clarification or explanation of their comments.

Once your team's goals get approved you can begin the actual simulation.

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