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-When playing Lebanon, keep in mind that Lebanon is composed of several ethnic and religions groups who had previously gone to war against one another. The highly diverse nature of the country makes Lebanon less politically stable, and any radical political move or decision can easily create violence and division in the country.

- Each ethnic and religious group that has sought to defend itself and gain an upper hand on the others has also aligned itself with an outside power or sponsor. This has allowed the Arab countries, Iran and Israel to intervene in Lebanese affairs, and at times even make decisions for the country.

-Remember also that Lebanon’s geopolitical location has always made it a war zone in which other countries and groups fight out their differences. This has created frustration and hatred inside Lebanon towards the Arabs and Israelis and the continuation of their conflict. For this reason, the Lebanese government has always distanced itself from the politics of the Arab-Israeli politics so as to avoid being dragged into it.

-The different guerilla groups fighting Israel have always found refuge inside Lebanon, and from time to time some have even managed to create mini states inside Lebanon. This has always put Lebanon in a very precarious situation. On the one hand, the government is weak and unable to remove the guerilla groups while, on the other hand, Israel blames the government for actions that occur from within Lebanon’s borders and has punished Lebanon severely (as recently as 2006).

- Also remember that although Lebanon is an Arab country and would like to join the other Arab countries in their stance against Israel, the ethnic and religions groups in the country make it very difficult to reach any sort of agreement vis-à-vis Israel.

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