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- Remember that 60% of Jordan's population is originally Palestinian Arabs and that 3 million persons are registered as Palestinian refugees living in the country. This large Palestinian population puts a lot of pressure on the Jordanian monarchy to get involved in the Arab Israeli conflict and take a pro-Palestinian stance.

- Also keep in mind that Jordan has a pro-Western foreign policy and has always had close relations with the United States and the United Kingdom. This relationship with the West, its peace treaty with Israel, and its past attempts to prevent the creation of a Palestinian State have from time to time put it at odds with other Arab governments.

- When playing Jordan, do not forget that it is a constitutional monarchy and that the king is unlimited in power and authority. This will always limit your actions as a diplomat, ambassador, or anyone involved in Jordanian diplomacy related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Remember that you may attempt to act as you see fit, but always take into consideration that the ultimate word is in the hands of the King.

- Another key point to remember is that Jordan has always struggled in the region against other Arab States and the Palestinians. In the past, it has even requested the help of the United States and Israel to protect it from fellow Arabs:

1. The Saudis under Ibn Saud captured the holy city of Mecca from the Hashemites in 1925.

2. Following the formation of the United Arab Republic by Egypt and Syria, and the Iraqi Revolution in 1958, the Hashemite kingdom was threatened and its trade routes and Iraqi oil supply was cut.

3. In 1970, the Palestinian resistance (fedayeen) in Jordan (backed by the Syrians) attempted to overthrow the Hashemite monarchy. This conflict, in which the Jordanian army ultimately chased the Palestinians resistance out of Jordan, was known as Black September.

4. In 1965, Jordan had to give up a relatively large area of inland desert in return for a small piece of sea-shore near Aqaba as part of an exchange of territories with the Saudis.

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