What You Need to Know About Playing Britain

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-When playing the British remember that you played an essential role in creating Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict through the different negotiations and promises that you country made in the past (Hussein-McMahon Correspondence/ Sykes-Picot Agreement/ Balfour Declaration). Hence, you will be always involved in the conflict, like it or not.

-Remember that the United Kingdom had been a colonizer and has always been a central player in almost every sphere of the Middle East, both in the past and the present. Many leaders in the Middle East still look up to you and consult with you in their foreign affairs and other governmental issues.

-As a previous world super power, you retain a lot of creditability in the international arena. Your veto power in the U.N also gives you enormous power with regard to the passing of resolutions at the United Nations. Hence, your role and perspective in the Arab-Israeli conflict can be vital.

-Keep in mind that the Palestinians and the Israelis both want your friendship, but your alignment with the United States (which usually allies itself with the Israelis) puts you in a very precarious situation. Hence, when making your policy decisions remember that you have friends on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

-Remember that the terrorist attacks on British soil have caused a division in British public opinion. Some British citizens believe that the British should stop aligning itself with the US (and therefore Israel), while other have solidified their belief in rightness of the fight against terror and Islamic fundamentalism.

-You nation's decision to leave the European Union may gain you some independence of action, but could also cost you in terms of being able to exercise influence--whether diplomatic or economic--in the Middle East. You will need to demonstrate that Britain continues to be concerned about matters beyond its own borders.

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