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The best advice we can give you is to have fun with your Press Release. The best Press Releases involve creative ideas and a healthy dose of theatre. BE your character and don't be shy about laying on a little extra style.

Press Releases are used when a team wishes to make an announcement that will be public to the entire game. The game mentor will include the news of an approved Press Release in an In the News update.

Press Releases should take a strong point-of-view. A Press Release is a public statement that should reflect your country or character’s worldview…it isn’t a newscast where you need to be “balanced” and give all “sides.” A Press Release is where you let the world know how things really are, and is also where you can “correct” the misguided people who see things differently than you do ;-) The NSAs are most likely to send back for revision Press Releases that lack a strong voice.

Please also keep in mind that Press Releases can be used to give others only the parts of the story you want them to hear. To put it another way, you may choose whether what you put in a Press Release is the entire truth, only the portions of the truth that you want others to know, or is completely false or misleading. Of course, you don’t want to endanger your credibility casually, but the world of diplomacy is often built on subtle manipulations of the truth and on “spin.”

Press Releases should contain fictionalized quotations from leaders—this means that if you’re portraying President al-Sisi, you can (and should) put words in his mouth. These words won't likely be things you know that the leader you're portraying has said, but we do ask that you try to make these quotes things you feel that your leader could say. Press Releases should be written in the form in which an article would appear in a newspaper or in an official governmental statement.

Please consider whether any Press Release you contemplate sending will help the simulation progress and relates to matters that are currently being discussed or resolved in the game situation, or are at least plausibly within the domain of what might be discussed. If the NSAs don’t see such a connection, you’re likely to get your Press Release sent back to you for revision.

An illustration of a strong Press Release

The illustration below is a press release from Iran, decrying the influence of ISIS, and calling out the Saudis for being "all talk and no action" regarding efforts to rid the region of ISIS. The press release is strong in that the author/nation takes a strong stance on a question of concern to many, placing itself on the said of the good guys, and then places the Saudis on the other side. It does this while suggesting that Saudi Arabia not only fails to help address the problem, but that they are subtly creating conditions that feed organizations like ISIS. Now, of course the Saudis can and should push back on this, but the Iranian press release definitely puts the Saudis on the defensive in a simple, persuasive manner, making great use of questions ("Do they simply not care enough about their people?") to curry the sympathy of the reader.

Saudi Arabia is a Fertile Ground for Radicalization by Seyyed Ali Khamenei (Iran)

The radical terrorist group, ISIS, needs to be defeated. They have made the people, not only of the Middle East, but of other countries as well, feel threatened in their own homes. ISIS has gone too far with their acts of terrorism in order to get what they want. They need to be stopped in order to keep our people safe.

Saudi Arabia has done nothing in order to show that they are willing to fight against ISIS, or even have desire to see ISIS destroyed. Who wouldn’t want a terrorist group who threatens the very lives of the people in our country to be destroyed? Do they simply not care enough about their people? Or is Saudi Arabia just as radical as ISIS? If we keep letting Saudi Arabia act radically, like not allowing women to have basic rights, more terrorists groups, such as ISIS, are going to be created.

It is fundamental psychology that a person living under a radical regime will naturally become radicalized themselves. This radicalization eliminates a step that would be necessary to recruit these individuals to join a terrorist group. Defeating ISIS starts by eliminating the radicalization factor in rogue countries such as Saudi Arabia. Join Iran today in its quest to free the world of this unspeakable organization.

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