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Here are some sample press releases that show some of the qualities (a strong point-of-view, clear voice, use of quotes) that we look for in a press release:

Troubling Times

Submitted by King Salman of Saudi Arabia

Today I King Salman make this Press Release personally and I have two messages to share to the citizens of Saudi Arabia and to the world. For the first part of this speech I direct my message to the people of Saudi Arabia. I beieve we are enterng a New era. It is an era in which we come together and set aside our differences and hatreds and strengthen our nation and make it stronger then it is now. I ask the men of Saudi Arabia to be open to giving the women of Saudi Arabia more rights including the right to server in the military for our country. Let us show the world that both men and women of Saudi Arabia are strong and willing to protect our Nation. Furthermore as a nation we must keep the goal of peace in our minds and I ask citizens to have faith in me and trust that I do what is best not just for us but for all of the Middle East.

The second message I have today is to say that I will never accept threats on my life and I will not accept the actions of others that wish to bring harm on innocents. I have been threatened by a group which we all hoped had changed. The group I speak of is Hamas and they have directly told me that if I do not help them invade Israel and bomb the nation then I will be killed. My princes have also gone along with this and lost my trust. This action would lead to innocents being killed and I rather die then let this happen. My life is not worth the life of thousands if not more innocent lives. I appeal to the nations of the world to help me stop innocent lives from being wasted. We must stop Hamas and keep them from carrying out such horrible actions. I now see why Israel felt that Hamas's peace was a lie and I will admit I was one of many leaders who could not see through this lie. I may not see eye to eye with Israel but I can not let them suffer such a horrible act. May the nations of the world make the right choice in this matter and save the lives of the innocent.

I thank all who take the time to hear my message. I understand people have doubts and this may cause people to see me as an enemy and I will accept the consequences of my action but I hope my message of peace connects with everyone even if people attempt to take my life.

Why Not an Energy Program for Iran?

Submitted by Seyyed Ali Khamenei of Iran

Lately, many countries are suspicious of Iran as the head country in terrorist activities. With the newly elected Hamas party, Iran’s goals are being strengthened and unified. Many countries, however, are opposed to various ideas that Iran has proposed in the pursuit of peace and stability. Iran is currently involved in a nuclear program that is eager to help Iran’s energy production. Iran wants to experiment using uranium to help create better opportunities for Iranian resourcefulness. This issue is controversial because other non-trusting countries believe that Iran, due to previous association with terrorist groups, will use this as an excuse for weapons rather than peace. Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) along with the United States, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, France, and China, and said its interest in nuclear technology, including enrichment, was for civilian purposes only (a right guaranteed under the treaty). Nevertheless, the CIA and many other western countries suspect that this may be a cover for a nuclear weapons program, claiming that Iran has little need to develop nuclear power domestically and that it has consistently chosen nuclear options, which were dual-use technology rather than those that could only be used for power generation. “The people of Iran will not accept coercion and unjust decisions by international organizations,” our president was quoted as saying on Iranian television during a visit to Iran’s western province of Lorestan. “Enemies cannot force the Iranian people to relinquish their rights.” There are currently eight countries that either possess or have tested nuclear weapons, Iran not being one of them. These other countries include: United States, Peoples Republic of China, France, Britain, Russia, India, Israel, and Pakistan. Iran is only “suspected” to have connections with nuclear weapons. The rights of Iranians are greatly at stake here, for only a “suspicion.” These other countries with more impact on the world are being cleared because of their stance in political reasons, while Iran is simply just ignored Although Iran is currently not open to all inspections, there is no reason to believe this program was created in vain or with ulterior motives. Iran merely wants to get started and plant a firm foundation in their efforts before inspections would be profitable. Iran is requesting support for their nuclear energy program, not to scare the public with rumors of terrorism, but to help the people of Iran intelligently use their own resources.

Russia: The Country with a Plan

Submitted by Mikhail Zygar, Russian Press Officer

In light of recent events, the country of Russia would like to send out a statement to all fellow leaders, diplomats, and authoritative figures.

With the Russian presidential elections coming up this Sunday, Russia thought it would be important to clear up some issues before taking a new step in the government's future. Today, the country of Russia has big plans set forth for the road ahead, and wants only to be seen as the hardworking, honest, and reasonable nation that it is.

There is no doubt that Russia has faced, and is currently still dealing with, political problems from outside countries. The most recent source of conflict comes from the nation of Ukraine over the region of Crimea. "It is our first and foremost concern to end this bloody crisis," President Vladimir Putin has said. This goal may have been achieved after the four-way overnight talks between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany in Minsk, Belarus. All parties agreed to a ceasefire starting February 15 and called for restraint in the interim. That said, Russia is taking steps to improve its nation economically as well. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said, "We are thinking of every possible solution to Russia's current economic situation, and will consider new ideas and partnerships with different countries." These progressive steps are all aimed towards restoring Russia's economy to its once prosperous time, and with open and honest discussion with other nations this may all be possible.

However, Russia's grand plan and most desired outcome is for peace between the battling nations of Palestine and Israel. Russia is a strong supporter of the two-state solution which calls for completely separate governments and territories for both nations. Russia supports both the “Road Map”–as posed by the Quartet–and “Abdullah Plan,”–as posed by the Arab League–and is ready to endorse whichever agreement seems most likely to produce peace based on UN Resolution 242, which calls for the withdrawal of Israel to its 1967 borders. In order for the two-state solution to work, Russia believes that Palestine needs to have a single, united government. Russia favors neither Hamas nor Fatah, only a single governing body.

Russia will fight against the terrorism that stems from this conflict, particularly from the Islamic State, and will help other nations in their attempts towards ending this unwarranted violence as well. In a speech given by President Putin over the recent issues in the Middle-East he said, "The Russian Federation will protect its people at all costs and will stand firm in the plans we have set forth. We will not sit back while terrorism runs rampant throughout the European and Middle-Eastern regions, and we will certainly not have it happen in our own country...Russia will support the Quartet in its decisions, but will try to avoid future regional war by all means necessary... We are a fortress of unity and strength and our voice will be heard in this massive conflict.

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