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You are Sherif Ismail, Prime Minister of Egypt

You are a mechanical engineer who spent most of your career working in the oil industry, first with Mobil Oil, and then with the Egyptian national natural gas and oil companies. In 2013, you were appointed as Petroleum Minister in the first cabinet of President al-Sisi, in the wake of his retaking the presidency after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi was thrown out of office by the military in July 2013. Your ascent to the premiership was driven by your success—or perhaps your good timing—as Petroleum Minister, with a major discovery of Egyptian natural gas taking place in 2014. This discovery helped the government’s bottom line, and took a bit of the sting out of significant drops in governmental fuel price subsidies that also took place in 2014.

Duties and Powers

As a Prime Minister, it is your job to represent the desires and goals of your nation. The Prime Minister's job is to control the nation's message and the media. Your character's primary goal is to preserve the stability of Egypt. To attain this goal, you must control the way the media interprets your government's actions, and this requires utilizing the press. The Prime Minister should be seen as the voice of the Government. This means utilizing Press Releases to comment on the undertakings of your government. While the Minister of Foreign Affairs tries to lay the groundwork with direct democracy, it is your job to speak to the people of the world through the media. Your Press Releases should be utilized to create a positive story and reception for your nation's policies. It is very important that you craft a good story for your nation. The people of Egypt are expecting positive economic efforts and an improved image of their nation in the eyes of the world. You have personally guaranteed them stability; you must make sure that every effort you take to bring this about is conveyed to them. One of the problems the Muslim Brotherhood faced was an inept handling of media relations. Unlike them, you must strive to create your own narrative by getting ahead of events and publicizing your government's opinions. You belong to a politically moderate and secular government. As such, your government has no ideological goals to advance. Rather, you focus on economic development, advancing your international prestige, and maintaining stability at home. To accomplish this, you must work with your President and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Your job is to galvanize the international community behind your nation's goals. Some of the key plans and achievements you should point to relate to your recent mediation of successful cease-fire talks between Hamas and Israel. Also, your efforts to expand the Suez Canal will lead to a doubling in traffic and fees for your government.

Tools and Methods

As the head of the Egyptian legislature, you are a very powerful man. With the power to propose new laws and set the agenda, you play a key role in determining the direction of Egypt. For this purpose, you must be very careful in your use of words. The international community will pay very close attention to what you say. Many of your opponents will even attempt to misinterpret your statements, take them out of context, and attempt to do you political harm by highlighting what they consider to be poorly chosen statements on your part. Still, you must perform your duty of advancing Egypt's national goals.

As the Prime Minister, you should work closely with the President and the Foreign Minister. While all three of you consult to determine the best course of action, the Foreign Minister should be testing the international waters to determine how an idea will be accepted by other governments. It is your duty, through the use of Press Releases, to bring these ideas to an international audience. While commitments behind closed doors are nice, it is your job to get nations to undertake real change in the public sphere.

To achieve this, it is your duty to portray your nation's goals in a way that will appeal to the countries you are working with. Press Releases are a powerful tool in this connection, as they galvanize participants at all levels. They can gain you the support of the populace, but they can also alienate them. You must carefully choose your words in order to avoid striking the wrong tone. Pay careful attention to your goals, and the information your Foreign Minister brings you. It is very important to be active with your press releases. You must attempt to capture the news media's attention. By creating well-constructed press releases, you can get the media on your side. It is your goal to create a positive image of Egyptian policy, an image that will make the President's job of attaining international support more possible.

While it is the Foreign Minister's duty to attempt to find allies and to see who will support a particular course of action, it is your duty to sell that course of action to the press and to foreign nations. You should view each Press Release as an opportunity to argue for your own point of view, and a chance to demonstrate why Egypt's course of action is the right one. When the President releases a statement, conducts a state visit, participates in talks, or engages in negotiations, you should be ready with a Press Release that will portray his actions in the best possible light. The Prime Minister's position is key, as he must sell Egyptian policy to the world. He has to seek strong support for the actions of the President.


Your primary goal is stabilizing the nation. As of your ascendance to the Prime Ministership in 2015, your nation continues to suffer from a lack of tourism, an industry that has historically been a tremendous source of income for Egypt. Unlike other nations, you are incredibly reliant upon this particular industry. Now that civil disturbance in Egypt has died down, you must do your best to demonstrate that your nation is capable of maintaining the peace and drawing in new visitors. To do so, your government will have to maintain the peace. This will mean tailoring the way in which events are perceived.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is key to maintaining the stability of your nation. Your government has a vested interest in furthering ties with Israel and Europe. However, your people are strongly pro-Palestine. This means that all of your efforts towards peace must be framed in a way that indicates how they benefit Palestine. If it appears that your efforts for peace are simply to strengthen police ties and internal security, you will lose the support of the population. In part, your efforts must be framed as an attempt to save Palestinian lives. In domestic political terms, it should also be noted that you have survived the politically tumultuous first two years of the Sisi-led government by keeping your head down and being perceived as a hard worker. For Sisi, you are an attractive choice to head his government because you are seen as a technocrat and not a politician. To put it another way, the President is gambling that you will be content to focus on the smooth running of the government, the oil sector, and the economy in general, all without any overt political ambitions. Sisi has chosen you because he needs a stable government, and he hopes that you will focus your attention on managing the orderly functioning of governmental business.

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