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You are Mikhail Mishutin, the Prime Minister of Russia.

You are quite new to this role, having only taken it up in January of 2020 after previously serving as the Director of the Federal Tax Service for ten years. You took on this role as a result of the resignation of former Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev after President Vladimir Putin announced sweeping changes to the Constitution.

Early Life

Not too much is currently known publicly about your life before you started your career. You were born in 1966 and raised in the suburbs of Moscow by parents of Russian Jewish and Armenian heritage. You graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 1989 with an undergraduate degree in systems engineering and then completed postgraduate studies at the same institution in 1992.

Professional Life

Since your graduation from postgraduate school, you immediately entered the rocky world of the post-Soviet Russian business world. As an expert on computer technology, your skills and expertise in the area were highly valued by a Russian professional world that had little contact with technology before the fall of the Berlin Wall only a few years prior. Immediately, you became the leader of a test lab, but more importantly, you took up various positions in the International Computer Club, where you helped integrate Western technology into Russian businesses. This put you in touch with many people in positions of power, and your expertise and strong contacts earned you the job of Deputy Tax Minister in 1998. After you boosted your credentials by completing a Ph.D. in Economics from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in 2003, you were eventually named as the head of the Federal Tax Service in 2010, putting you in a high position of power.

As the head of the Federal Tax Service, you became a major asset within the Russian government. You did a lot to reform the service, fighting corruption and centralizing tax collection across the vast Russian nation. It was during your ten-year tenure as the head of the Federal Tax Service that you became one of the most popular figures in the Russian government internally, as you seemed to be a reliable figure for all to turn to. You even joined President Putin in the amateur Night Hockey league as a player for the Moscow CSKA hockey club! As such, you became a well-known and well-liked figure, known as someone who could get along with anyone and who proved to be a loyal cog in the Russian government’s machine. It is for these reasons that, upon the resignation of former Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev, you were called up to take his role, and step into one of the highest offices in all of Russia.

Policy Issues

You are well-known as a level-headed economist from your experience in the Federal Tax Service. As the man responsible for completely reviving Russia’s tax collection capabilities, you are acclaimed for putting money into the State’s coffers that might not have made it there otherwise. As a result, you are well-regarded for your economic know-how and have prioritized reviving Russia’s stagnant domestic economy time and time again. Since you are so new to your presidency, it is up to you to expand your political views to include foreign policy and signal to the world whether you will stay in line with the policies of President Putin, as you have for so long, or chart your own course.

Role-Playing Notes

Let’s not dodge the truth; you are a pawn in President Putin’s political machine. You were not elected to this position nor did you have major acclaim before taking this role. You are the Prime Minister solely because President Putin put you in that position, and you have only ever served in governments led by Putin. As a result, your entire political career thus far has been in service of President Putin, and as such, you owe quite a large deal of your success to having President Putin’s blessing.

Despite this previous history, You have the opportunity to put together your own views and to lead your own way. In addition, since you are popular within the government for your previous work in the tax service, you are in a unique position to be a watchdog for the Russian government, since you are quite popular as a politician (and you also have the tax information about every Russian). You are well-liked within the inner circles of the Russian government, and you are regarded as a level-headed realist. Despite this new position, and the powers that come with it, you are far from completely independent, and you must be sure not to stray too far from the Putin doctrine, lest you fall out of favor with the all-powerful President. Sources:






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