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As a team, your job is to be a thorn in the side of the Israeli Government team. How do you do this? You use what you have--the moral power of your arguments *and* the knowledge that most nations of the world would like to see Israel working harder to reach a peace treaty with the Palestinians, and to have two states existing peacefully, side by side. To that end, you have the leaders of the opposition at the head of your team. Most notably, Tzipi Livni has become increasingly associated with the idea that Israeli's long-term security is best served by robust negotiations with the Palestinians, rather than a more military security orientation. In addition, you have Ami Ayalon, the longtime head of Israel's equivalent of the CIA, the Shin Bet. Ayalon left his post as head of Israel's security services convinced that Israel's longterm security was better served by reaching a peaceful solution with the Palestinians than it was by taking a more military-oriented stance.

The Peace Camp is the textbook case of a group whose weakness is the very source of its strength. They have no direct political influence, can't move troops, can't employ economic leverage. The Peace Camp crew would would argue that the "Fortress Israel" stance taken by Prime Minister Netanyahu (putting up walls and thinking in terms of military solutions) is not sustainable in the long-term…it's like trying to keep the lid on a pressure cooker. Most people in the peace camp are willing to trade land for peace, and for the chance for a peaceful (and maybe someday, cooperative) future between two nations. Our advice is to get out front on this issue, use the power of publicly shaming leaders too focused on protecting their political standing and not enough on the long-term security of the nation, and to liberally use your international influence and their powers of moral suasion.

Your team's job will be to make the case that security isn't solely a military matter, and your skill at using the art of persuasion will be key.

Please also be sure to review the Israel country profile, and to also read the section about Israel's political system and its political parties.

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