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A lot of diplomatic "business" in AIC gets done through private communications. In AIC, each diplomat is given a matrix--a list of people with whom s/he can communicate. You can have one-on-one CONVERSATIONS with other diplomats, or you can expand your CONVERSATIONS to a larger group. Whatever the case, you will need to use intermediaries to talk with characters who are not on your communications matrix.

After you log on, choose the COMMUNICATIONS tab from the menu along the top. At the next page, you'll see an option to BEGIN NEW DISCUSSION, and you'll see a blank into which you're asked to enter a title for your discussion. Type in your title and then, after you click through that, you'll come to a page where you have the option to "View or add to list of members participating in this discussion" as well as a template into which you can type text.

Click first on "View or add to list of members participating in this discussion" and you'll get a kind of table that shows all of the characters on your communications matrix. One by one, choose each of the characters that you want to be a part of this particular conversation and click on ADD USERS. When you have selected all of the people you want to be a part of this conversation, hit the green SAVE CHANGES button. You'll then be brought back to the place where you can type your actual message. Once you send it off, it becomes an ongoing conversation (to which you can add new participants if you choose--you can't remove them, though). You can return to these conversations at any point, and make a new posting or, if it becomes necessary, you can add new conversations that involve other recipients, or other groups of recipients.

Every CONVERSATION that you start, or are invited to take part in, will remain available to you through your COMMUNICATIONS tab.

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