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Please feel free to add to this list of links:

Middle East Journal's Listing of Countries of the Middle East, with basic background on the countries and links to additional resources:

The Roadmap: Complete text of the "Road Map" peace initiative outline by George Bush in 2002.

International Crisis Group: They have a strong focus on the Middle East and the conflict, and now have summary sections on most of the major actors. Their reports and briefings are first-rate.

World Press Review This is a great resource for, as you might guess, newspapers from around the world. There is a great section on the Middle East at: and you can also follow the link to WORLD NEWSPAPERS to get links to web-based papers, listed by country.

Jerusalem Newswire Right-wing Israeli news service.

Al-Ahram Based in Egypt, this “pan-Arab” paper is supportive of the Egyptian government, but is often critical of American and Israeli policy, and maintains an active bureau in Gaza.

Al Jazeera Independent news agency attached to a television station widely viewed in the Arab world. “presents Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints on prominent issues of concern.” Jointly written by Palestinians and Israelis sympathetic to the peace process. Also check out the site, which looks at issues of the Middle East from a broader, more international perspective.

The Electronic Intifada (EI) “publishes news, commentary, analysis, and reference materials about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict from a Palestinian perspective. EI is the leading Palestinian portal for information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its depiction in the media.”

Haaretz Independent Israeli daily newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook both on domestic issues and on international affairs.

Iran Daily “Reformist” perspective on the news, this is a paper where President Bush is coming in for his fair share of criticism these days. See also:

Palestinian Information Center Official web site of HAMAS

Arab News Saudi-based, pro-government English language daily Excellent source for EU policy information The European Union’s web page on the Middle East peace process.

Pravda is the official Russian news service. see also Gateway to Russia ( and Russia Journal (

France Diplomatie Information on French foreign policy, published by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy An American “think tank” on the conservative end of the spectrum, generally supportive of administration policy

MERIP - Middle East Research and Information Project Also American, but much more critical of American policy.

Al-Hayat Independent newspaper published in Beirut and London.

Palestine Media Center Publishes articles sympathetic to the Palestinian cause from a variety of sources. “is an independent online journal and resource archive of the Israel-Palestine conflict.” Generally critical of current Israeli and American Mideast policies.

Jordan Times Good source for pro-government perspective

Jordan News Service

Middle East Times British weekly keeps a close eye on the Egyptian government, even archiving stories censored (by Egyptian government censors) from its print edition.

Arabic News Selective daily country by country news, mainly from official Arabic sources.

The Daily Star This Lebanese independent paper is a good source of news in translation from across the Middle East, and is surprisingly frank in its editorial criticism of Syria.

Miftah Readings and resources sponsored by “the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy.”

SyriaComment An American academic named Joshua Landis has a blog that focuses on Syria and Syrian-American relations:

Abu Aardvark Mark Lynch (of Williams College) writes more generally about the Middle East at:

The American Task Force for Palestine (ATFP) ATFP pulls together a daily collection of links to opinion pieces, in the American and international press, regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You can even have the collection of links e-mailed to you each day. It's a good source for articles with clear opinions.

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