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You are Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Early Life

You were born in Frankfurt, Germany on November 1, 1974. You had a Western education in both the U.S. and Germany, and you are fluent in both English and German as a result. As a member of the Saudi royal family, you were raised in the lap of luxury and got the best treatment everywhere you went. Eventually, you moved back to Riyadh, and spent time with the rest of the Saud family in the royal palace. Eventually, you went to King Saud University, where you studied Business Administration.

Business Career

After graduating from King Saud University, you became Deputy CEO for Operations and Maintenance of Saudi Co, a Saudi construction company, starting in 1996. Being a member of the royal family no doubt helped you earn this high position straight out of school, as many companies in Saudi Arabia are run directly by the monarchy. In 2000, you then became the CEO of Al Salam for Aerospace Industry, serving in that role for thirteen years. In addition, you founded Al Shamal Company for Contracting in 2004, serving as its CEO until 2013. These experiences gave you exposure to various aspects of Saudi business, especially in the global import/export market, which allowed you to gain a strong understanding of the world of global finance. From your business dealings, you also made a number of international connections. In addition, these companies primarily focused on military and defense, which brought you even closer to much of the military wing of the Saudi government. All of these factors made you an ideal candidate to join the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Public Service

After completely leaving your work behind at the Al Shamal group in 2017, you were appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an official advisor. You served for a time in the main office in Riyadh, before eventually joining the staff at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, D.C. as a senior advisor. You served in this role for quite a while and got to know a lot of the inner workings of Saudi Arabia’s foreign affairs.

You served in this role for two years, before being appointed as the Saudi Ambassador to Germany, after the previous occupant of that position was recalled to Riyadh. Your connection to Germany as a fluent speaker of German, your connections to the Royal Family, and your previous experience working with foreigners all made you a prime candidate for this role. One of the main mandates you were given in the position was to expand Saudi-German cooperation on military matters, which was an expressed interest of both governments. However, less than a year into your posting, a much bigger position became available.

In October of 2019, after a reshuffling of government positions by the Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS), you were appointed as the new Foreign Minister, and confirmed soon after by King Salman. Your fast upgrade to this high post was not entirely a surprise, as you clearly had a strong command of foreign policy and a wider understanding of global politics (and not to mention your royal blood), but at only 44 at the time of your appointment, it is nonetheless a major position to hold at a relatively young age. You were appointed to this role by King Salman in October of 2019, having previously served the government in a number of important Western embassies. As a member of the House of Saud, you are a direct relative to many other members of the government, putting you among the Saudi elite.

Foreign Policy Views

Your background experience in the West has won you quite a lot of respect among some leaders in those circles. In particular, your strong military background has made you particularly popular among hawks in particular. In addition, your knowledge of German and English make you particularly well-suited to conducting work with your American and German counterparts, and your connections from your time working in the Embassies in Berlin and Washington, D.C. make you a valuable asset in all relations with those partners.

Position in the Royal Family

You are among a line of much younger Saudi royals, ostensibly led by the Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman. As a result, you are not quite as harsh on some religious and political issues as some other members of the Saudi royal family have been in the past. For example, unlike in past years when Israel and Saudi Arabia were antagonists, under the sway of Mohammad bin Salman clandestine negotiations have opened up between the two former enemies, particularly focused on anti-Iranian intelligence sharing and military technology exchanges. In recent years, however, Mohammad bin Salman has come under strong scrutiny for the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Now, Mohammad bin Salman has come down hard on any internal criticism, and slowly grown more powerful within the country, putting you and other younger royals into a difficult position of having to stand by a internationally-criticized leader.

Roleplaying Hints

You are a loyal member of the House of Saud, and staying close to your close friend and family member, the Crown Prince, will help ensure that you have a good position in the government. In addition, you will have to balance out the influence of the old guard in order to make your voice heard and have a say in government matters. Despite having the blessing of Mohammad bin Salman, you are still quite young compared to other members of your family, and thereby may encounter direct opposition from them. While you are not diametrically opposed to peaceful measures to gain your goals, your business ties to the defense industry mean that you favor taking military action. You have already made a lot of connections with many of the elite in the West, so do not be afraid to call on your connections when necessary in order to get things done. You have a number of connections and allies, and with them, you have the potential to help lead Saudi Arabia into a bright and strong future.

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